I Went To Miami And Hit My Head

I Went To Miami And Hit My Head

On December 8th 2018, Marie Louise Taarnskov attended one of the many parties that take place during Miami Art Basel, where high art meets high leisure. The festivities came to an abrupt halt when she collided with another partygoer on a waterslide. In the period that followed, she was forced into an alternate state where her sense of reality was heavily challenged. The visuals of this project play with this "hectic stillness" and its contrast to the saturated experience of the Miami cultural scene and nightlife during Art Basel.

Using smartphone recordings, video stills, 35mm photography, and archival elements collected that weekend and during the month of diagnosis and rehabilitation that followed, this project explores the intersection of art and brain damage, purposefully creating an "image overload" to recreate the concussive experience.

Marie Louise Taarnskov

is a contemporary lens-based artist based in New York, originally from Copenhagen, Denmark. Concerned with consumerism and gender, she offers a cheeky portrayal of the human species. Her Scandinavian roots apply a cynicism and sarcasm to the work, often leaving the audience bewildered as to the artist’s intentions. She holds a BA in TV & Media Production from Danish School of Media & Journalism and a New Media Narratives certificate from the International Center of Photography.

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