Disorders of Arousal 1-7

Disorders of Arousal 1-7

This series, borrowing its title from neurologist Oliver Sacks's description of migraines and related neurovascular conditions, highlights some of the core tenets of Courville's practice – chaos and order hang delicately in the balance, as do notions of sense and absurdity. Produced, as ever, with a wry sense of humor, Courville pushes the boundaries of association and meaning making ever-further, sure to a elicit a laugh along the way.

Sarah Courville

is a Bible-Belt-Born mixed-media collage artist and activist living and working in Berlin, Germany. Centering on the lenses of queerness and disability, Sarah’s work confronts the dichotomies of chaos/order, violence/peace, and incarnation/disembodiment. Her work mirrors the fragmentation of modern life, zeroing in on the discord between mind and body. As sites for queer surrealism and futurist im/possibility, Sarah’s collages beckon onlookers to reconceptualize their understanding of the power structures dictating our lives. Made entirely by hand from existing vintage print material, Sarah’s collages are an emotional practice of mental and visual organization. Her work is bodily, communicative, and carefully disordered.

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