Occluding Edge

Occluding Edge

Anna Sofie Jespersen creates spatio-temporal casing explorations that move beyond established notions of time-based medium specificity.

Time, for her, is a persistently troubling phenomenon. An elastic perception of time drives her work, and she utilizes this dissonance as a tool to negotiate the authenticity of her perceived reality. Her recent work is situated on the periphery of cinema and cinematic vocabulary, pursuing elements of analogue photography, drawing, text, sound, public intervention, and performance.

About her work she says:
*I hope to expand and reformulate understandings of time perceived as successive moments, this perception's relation to cinema and, in turn, cinematic time in relation to the supposedly static media of drawing and photography. What makes possible the unified perception of reality as existing across successive movements? What sort of phenomenological dialogue occurs between knowledge and doubt inside one's temporal lobe?*

Anna Sofie Jespersen

is a New York-based Danish artist, currently pursuing an MFA in Mixed Media Art at Hunter College.

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