Sarah Courville's Moody Quarantine

Playlist 002

Sarah Courville's Moody Quarantine

Next in our series of Quarantine Playlists is the American-born, Berlin-based collage artist and disability rights activist Sarah Courville! While her work speaks for itself, you may recognize it from both issues 1 and 1.9 — unapologetic in its conclusions and often tinged with a touch of humor, there’s a reason we keep coming back. True to form, who else would make sure to give us some T. Rex during these turbulent times?

Oh, and if she looks like she’s cooler than you, it’s because she is.

Sarah Courville

is a Bible-Belt-Born mixed-media collage artist and activist living and working in Berlin, Germany. Centering on the lenses of queerness and disability, Sarah’s work confronts the dichotomies of chaos/order, violence/peace, and incarnation/disembodiment. Her work mirrors the fragmentation of modern life, zeroing in on the discord between mind and body. As sites for queer surrealism and futurist im/possibility, Sarah’s collages beckon onlookers to reconceptualize their understanding of the power structures dictating our lives. Made entirely by hand from existing vintage print material, Sarah’s collages are an emotional practice of mental and visual organization. Her work is bodily, communicative, and carefully disordered.

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