The Music Only Danny Romeril Can Hear

One of London's rising stars gives us a sample of some recent work, bringing his characteristic style to instruments

The Music Only Danny Romeril Can Hear

Danny Romeril has fast emerged as an artist to watch in the London Art World. Raised in Jersey and now working from his studio in London, Romeril’s characteristic “clunky” style – reminiscent, as Rebecca Irvin of It’s Nice That noted, of Picasso or early David Hockney – reduces his figures and scenes to their foundational shapes, pushing the bounds of figurativism while often eliminating or confusing perceptions of depth in the process. In turn, the interplay within his paintings becomes not only between the various objects depicted within a given scene, but between form and texture. Romeril’s practice of layering coats of paint, while often painting “wet on wet”, results in thickened surfaces, often providing a depth and texture his planar construction of a scene might otherwise forego; so clear are his brushstrokes that their lines (and resultant surface qualities) are often visible, even in photographs.

But while Romeril is a mainstay of the London gallery circuit, his fanbase is far from exclusively domestic. The La Brea Studio Residency, where he was invited alongside his partner painter Florence Hutchings, took him to Los Angeles in 2019, marking his initial foray into the United States, while he has also exhibited in Melbourne, and twice in the past year in Germany, notably with a solo exhibition at Galerie Thomas Fuchs in Stuttgart. As his star only continues to rise, there is little question that the future brings only both bigger and brighter from the talented London notable.

To mark the feature, Danny and Soft Punk have partnered on a limited-edition A3 giclée print, available now through the Market page

Danny Romeril, White guitar, black viola, 130 x 100cm, Oil, Oil bar, Collage and Cardboard on canvas, 2020
Danny Romeril, Skiffle I, II, and III, 130 x100cm, Oil on canvas, 2020
Danny Romeril, Music Table 7, 137 x 152cm, Oil and Collage on canvas, 2020
Danny Romeril, Old Music, Oil on canvas, 50x40cm, 2020
Danny Romeril, Inside the music shop, 170x150cm, Oil, Acrylic, Oil bar, Collage and Cardboard on canvas, 2020
Danny Romeril, Skiffle with band, 120 x 140cm, Oil and collage on canvas, 2020-21
Danny Romeril, The brass hole (a music shop), 55 x 44cm, Oil on canvas, 2020
Danny Romeril, Skiffle Silhouette, 150 x 110cm, oil and collage on canvas, 2021
Danny Romeril, Skiffle, Dimensions variable, Wood, plaster, metal, paint and concrete, 2020

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