Untitled Series – A Series

Untitled Series – A Series

Darius by the Pool, 2018

Bushwick Street Peppers (Brooklyn, 2018)
I Hate My Job On The Starship Enterprise (Eustis, FL, 2018)
Untitled (2018)
Late Lunch (Mexico City, 2019)
Frieda As Cactus (Mexico City, 2019)
Sam Broadway

is a 30-something downwardly mobile white man who is shy but will, with the right drugs, speak at greater length than is of interest about African politics, psychedelics, journalism and accelerated eco leisure communism, all subjects on which he also likes to write. He has had exactly 25 jobs and would like to die before that number reaches 27. Sam publishes short, unedited, and uncensored essays on his Substack page, Downwardly Nubile.

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