Feeling Language

Feeling Language

In Feeling Language, M Slater’s varied practice, ranging from photography to papermaking, is on full display. Fixing risograph text prints to their own handmade board, Slater delicately balances the labor-intensive production of each piece with a graceful simplicity of execution, deftly utilizing an intimacy otherwise foreign to our contemporary moment, while perhaps staking out the terms of connection’s contemporary manifestation. With this series, the viewer is invited to engage their sense of interpersonal relation, while interrogating what connection means and how it might look.

M Slater

is an interdisciplinary artist who engages with language, photography, the body, and the built environment as one intertwined, moving architecture. In particular, they are interested in questions of being in space and being shaped by space. They have exhibited nationally and internationally, including at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, The Woodmere Art Museum, Fjord Gallery, and Little Berlin (Philadelphia, PA); The Luminary (St. Louis, MO); and Bedroom Gallery, (Hong Kong). Their work has also appeared in Title Magazine and Facility. Alongside their practice, M runs the graphic design studio BELSH.

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