"My Throat Closed Up Whilst On A Date."

My Throat Closed Up Whilst On A Date.

We were told words would come
when you open your mouth.
not fragments
but −
speech we were told.
Sliding from your lips.
Oesophagus exhilarated,
to command,
to tell you,
stories of mine own.

The throat tenses
feeling it-
sphincter stiff
repressing −
just an apricots core
of saliva.
Lining sealed lips.
I watch you watch me,
And It really needs
To tell, to tell

Language shuts down.
Not even Silence,
but clogged chattering teeth,
refusing words passage.
Letters remain in trachea’s
waiting room.
and lungs lay
as he soon will be.

‘’Stay though but a minute more and my mouth not words will be all you need.’’

Eliza Lawrence

is a writer based in Berlin. Born by the southern English sea. Grown up from the electric fuels of London. She write plays and poetry after studying stories for 4 years at University. They are normally based around love and losing, such as the poem in the Soft Punk Magazine.

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